Vintage Headgear and Face Mask


Vintage Print Reusable Breathable Protective Headgear and Face Mask (FLOWERED BONNETTS WITH MASKS).

Please select as per numbered code below:

  1. Green/Yellow
  2. Yellow/Black/White/Burgundy
  3. Green/Brown/White/Yellow
  4. White/Burgundy/Yellow
  5. Blue/Yellow
  6. Light Blue/Yellow
  7. Yellow/Black/White
  8. Red/White dots


This package comprises cute vintage print design scrub headgear and face mask, both manufactured from high-quality and environmentally friendly non-woven breathable material. The special 3-ply non-woven design of the face mask provides some protection against dust, automobile exhaust, etc. This moisture-proof vintage set of headgear and face mask comes in several fashionable designs and colors, allowing you to style based on your outfit. Comfortable, soft, elastic ear loop, and easy to wear with no pressure to the ears. This is a perfect set for healthcare workers.

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VIN 1: Green/Yellow, VIN 2: Yellow/Black/White/Burgundy, VIN 3: Green/Brown/White/Yellow, VIN 4: White/Burgundy/Yellow, VIN 5: Blue/Yellow, VIN 6: Light Blue/Yellow, VIN 7: Yellow/Black/White, VIN 8: Red/White dots