Hand Sanitizer Disinfection Bracelets


Adjustable Silicone Wristband Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with 5Pcs Bracelets Wristband & 5Pcs Beak Bottle. A Great Portable Travel Dispenser Bracelet for Adults and Kids.


  • One set containing Red, Yellow, Pink, Black bracelets
  • 5 Bottles (FREE)

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Disinfecting your hands regularly is easier and safer with this bracelet made from food-grade silicone material. This multifunctional dispenser bangle comes with a 15ml capacity which can be filled with hand soap, skincare lotion, hand sanitizer, etc. suitable for hand washing and disinfection during outdoor activities. This waterproof, adjustable, sun-proof, and non-fading product is soft and comfortable on the skin. It comes in diverse colors that allow you to rock based on your choice of color. The silicone sterilization bracelet is perfect as a gift item.

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